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We work with thousands of businesses across Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston, Esher and more to grow their presence in the local area because we know how crucial localised traffic can be for the survival of their business.

With Sheengate Publishing, you’ll gain access to 262,500 engaged and affluent readers who read our hand-delivered magazines each and every month – we’re one of the largest publishers in the south-east, with a demographic and distribution model you simply won’t find with our competitors.

Print adverts with a difference

Our magazines are so successful because we employ talented journalists and editors who have decades of experience working with large publications like the Independent and the Daily Mail. Our stories always have the local touch – we’re not about the huge trending news stories but about what happens locally.

In our magazines, we encourage our readers to hit their local high streets and buy from our independent advertisers, who are looking to achieve local fame and brand relevance.

It’s always been our mission to increase footfall traffic to the local shops and premises that surround us, because, without the support of our advertisers, we would fail to be a famous local name ourselves. 

Together, we work to create custom campaigns with adverts designed by expert designers and custom advertorials created by the top journalists in the industry – you won’t find a better experience anywhere else.

Print advertising options

Learn more about our different advert sizes and discover which one will be right for your print campaign.

Great for maximum exposure, full page adverts are great for drawing attention, especially if you’ve just opened a new branch, showroom or new product.

Whether you’re interested in a half-page advertorial or a half-page advert, they are great for drawing attention to a particular service you offer. They’ve been successful for businesses looking to promote particular areas of the business where they need a boost in sales.

Brilliant for a large visual and exposure on a limited budget. These adverts are often typically used by charities or to promote certain events or courses.

For clients interested in an eighth page, we would recommend using these against magazine features. They’re great for area guides and spotlight features, where we’re highlighting the best of the best in Richmond, Barnes, Kingston and Elmbridge.

These types of print adverts are for companies looking to make a lasting impact. These adverts deliver a higher amount of brand awareness, fame and relevance and will often mean that there will be a feature story on your business or service within the magazine. Back cover adverts are one of our most premium positions and are one of our most expensive slots for an advert – this is because your advert is more visible.

Our property magazines also allow agents to increase the exposure of their properties to an affluent audience who can afford them. We not only work with estate agents but developers, who sell properties faster through advertisements in our local magazine.

Great for businesses highlighting a certain aspect of their business or service.

A section of our magazine that works like a directory to promote the services of builders, landscapers, jobs, and so much more.

Getting an advert published

  1. Choose your title, our London magazines include the Richmond and Barnes Magazines and the Kingston and Elmbridge magazines. Choose your magazine title based on the location you want to target.
  2. Decide on the size of your advert and the service you wish to promote. If you need help, our experts can help point you in the right direction.
  3. Talk to us about your target market, we can then inform you about our readership and if they are interested in your product and services.
  4. Reveal your budget – we’ve worked with plenty of businesses on a limited budget and have converted them into some of our biggest clientele.
  5. Choose your position – which section of the magazine would you like to advertise next to?

The cost of print advertising in London

Media agencies or other print magazine publishers might disclose their print advertising costs simply because they want to price the advert as high as possible for your business. 

Here at Sheengate Publishing, we’re not like that. We’re always transparent with our fees and publish them across our website to ensure our advertisers know exactly the value of our adverts.

Our prices:

Discounts and deals:

As we know that the more adverts or inserts you run across multiple magazines, the bigger the impact and response you’ll have. That’s why we offer major discounts for advertisers looking to advertise across our magazine portfolio – plus, if you’ll book a series, you’ll likely save thousands of pounds of your marketing budget.

What can adverts include, and how can you track a direct response?

Traditional adverts are one of the most trusted forms of marketing, and if you advertise in a series, the reader gets more familiar with your name and brand. 

So even if they don’t use it the first time around, when they need you, they’ll know who to think of or the magazine to turn to for reference. Our monthly magazine issues are also all available online, which also allows readers to click through on the advert links to a client’s website.

If you want to track the effectiveness of your advert, there are multiple ways you track and monitor the response. For example, you might choose to use or set up a separate phone line or email address. 

Another very easy way to monitor results is by offering a discount code with a code that’s unique to the publication you’re using, for example, ‘SHEENGATE50.’ However, there are even smarter ways you can get readers to find you faster, which is through QR codes.

We wouldn’t be still in business if our print adverts didn’t work. 87% of our clients re-advertise, which can only attest to our audience and presence in the local market.

Readers have received our London magazines for 20+ years, which means that our magazine has grown as our readership has, they know to expect us monthly, and they lean on us to provide them with local news and events.

Past businesses who have advertised with us have received a substantial return on their investment, and some even rely on their print adverts each month to bring in new customers rather than use other advertising outlets like Google search or PPC.

What we know about advertising is that before you go national, it’s always best to target your local, nearby customers. In this fast, national digital age, it can be quick to judge and say that advertising with a national title would be better. However, if you’re a small, local business, your services won’t likely make much sense to residents outside of your catchment area.

Therefore, we’re confident in saying that local, targeted traffic is much better for converting readers into customers. With our monthly magazines, which have a high circulation throughout the southwest of London, we can help you tap into a local audience by sharing our readership with your business.

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