Print advertising costs

How much does print advertising cost?

Print advertising costs don’t need to be complicated – here at Sheengate Publishing we offer fixed fees for our adverts featured in any one of our 11 luxury magazines.

Print adverts prices


Businesses typically generate a lot of value from print advertisements as this traditional format still remains to be one of the most cost-effective advertising solutions.

Thousands of local businesses have found advertising with us a good return on investment, which can be attributed to our circulation, distribution, and frequency of publication.

View our print advertising costs:

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How much is design and production?

Some agencies offer low-costing adverts with high-costing design fees and production fees.

Here at Sheengate Publishing, our insert and designer charges are fixed and affordable.

See production and design charges below:

Price FAQs

Print advertising is often thought of as more expensive than digital advertising solutions.

Facebook and PPC adverts can be a costly way to acquire customers or send traffic to your website that doesn’t always convert. 

Traditional advertising formats like print media has always been one of the most trusted forms of advertising, and historically, one of the cheapest. 

When you take into account the twenty years of trusted distribution and quality of content, it’s not surprising why readers trust what they read.

As a staple in the local community ourselves, our readers know that Sheengate Publishing advocate for the local high street and go the extra mile to support and promote the businesses that need us the most. 

Depending on the advert space you choose with us, you might also get a digital advert free of charge to boost your overall campaign.

We often recommend clients run their campaigns across all of our channels for maximum exposure.

Our print adverts increase engagement, footfall and conversions for many of our clients.

Whereas our digital platforms have more success in sending traffic directly to your website or booking platform.

Our classified adverts are one of the most affordable advert spaces in our magazines.

However, we advise new businesses looking to explore the effectiveness of print advertising to begin with a quarter page and work up to the bigger ad slots.

To increase brand awareness and relevancy, we find that it takes customers three times to see your advert to feel familiar with your business or service, and therefore, begin to trust and explore. 

Regular advertising in magazines means, that over time, even if a reader didn’t require your service then, they remember you later.

Print advertising sees the best results when it’s consistent. Consistency in the market reminds consumers that you’ll be there for them whenever they need you.

Advertising with us has seen the cost of acquisition rates as low as 62p. That’s often much cheaper than advertising on the likes of Google or other traditional forms of advertising like billboards or television.

You can calculate your cost of acquisition by dividing the number of customers by the total marketing spend.


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