January 2011 Issue

Read this month’s issue featuring an interview with Pastry King; Raymond Blanc – plus the finest local properties.

guildford january 2011 front cover

Editor's Letter

Food for thought? Welcome to 2011! Overdoses of turkey and Christmas spirit notwithstanding are you feeling full of vigour and determination to transform your life/body/mind?

Or have you, like me, already had your fill of those ‘New Year, New You’ headlines?

I’m sorry to sound cynical, especially as I’m guilty of having written a fair few of those myself in the past, but to be quite honest, I’m happy with the old me, thank you very much.

OK, so I’m not as fit as the proverbial butcher’s dog, and I have been known to indulge in the odd piece (all right, bar) of chocolate and the occasional glass (yes, glass) of red wine, but I’m glad to say I no longer feel compelled to rush out and spend my life savings on a personal trainer or to reduce myself to a gibbering wreck because I’ve given up caffeine.

If only it was still Christmas and I could legitimately mutter ‘bah humbug’!

Fortunately, other people in our county have a much more can-do attitude and are happy to put themselves out to change a life for the better.

For a story of kindness, generosity and goodwill towards animal-kind, see our Touching Tales feature (pages 22–23), where canine lovers in Surrey offer foster homes to dogs such as the cuties pictured above, who have been abandoned by their previous owners and face an uncertain future.

RHS Wisley is our cover star this month, and while the January weather might not be conducive to leisurely walks, there is a taste of the tropics on offer in its glasshouse where a plethora of butterflies take up residence until the end of February (See What’s On).

Finally, chef de cuisine and Britain’s favourite French fancy Raymond Blanc introduces his new afternoon tea selection ahead of Maison Blanc’s 30th anniversary (pages 16–17) – and there’s a branch near you… New Year’s diet, anyone?

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