April 2011 Issue

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Editor's Letter

HI THERE! Yup, me again – the friendly Richmond Park stag that you readers are kindly sponsoring, thanks to last year’s Adopt a Deer appeal.

Richard has asked me to write the blog again this month, as several of the articles are about my own back garden.

Apparently there are these worthy dudes called the Friends of Richmond Park, and this year it’s their 50th anniversary.

So this month we’re having a bit of a parkfest. At least, that’s Richard’s story.

Actually, I think he was just too lazy to write the blog himself. Editors!

What was it Lord Acton said? Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

Anyway, these Friends, they’re really good sorts.

They look after the wildlife (yo!), fight road schemes that threaten our peace – and they won’t be taking any nonsense from this Mayor Johnson geezer up in London, if he takes over the park. Bonkers, that bloke.

Why can’t he get a decent haircut like mine? By the way, while we’re on the subject of my handsome visage, many thanks to all of you who wrote in after my last blog to express concern about the parlous state of my love life.

I haven’t found Doe Right yet, but I’ve signed up for this online thing,, which is quite good.

You get a few weirdos, mind you – not to mention all the gold-diggers who only want me for my Richmond Magazine sponsorship.

I mean, let’s face it, one is quite the local celebrity these days.

But I digress. In this issue, you’ll find an interview with Dame Jacqueline Wilson, the novelist, now a patron of the Friends (p8).

Cor, my sister used to love her stuff when she was a fawn!

And you can also read about this guy John Lewis (p12) who fought to ensure public access to the park.

What a booboo! Have you seen some of the jerks we get in here?

Finally, don’t miss the launch of our new Richmond Park poetry competition, Poems in the Park (p15).

Sounds good. I might even go in for it myself. After all, the pen is mightier than the antler, as they say.

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