August 2011 Issue

Our August edition of The Elmbridge and Kingston Magazines starts with an interview with the Modfather of film; Paul Weller.

Editor's Letter

THERE ARE CERTAIN SONGS, BANDS and musicians that stay in our hearts and minds forever; the mere mention of their name or a snatched lyric of a favourite tune will always take you back to a certain place and time.

Elvis’s velvety tones transport me straight to Bognor Regis, where I was on holiday with my family in 1977 when he died; Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers (the 1990 version) reminds me of a lonely time in Switzerland, but it is our cover star Paul Weller and The Jam, who conjure up golden teenage years of house parties and first loves.

It’s safe to say I will never forget my best friend’s brother cracking his head open on the living room ceiling light as he pogoed to Going Underground.

How we laughed… once we’d stopped the bleeding. Paul Weller’s fantastic career is documented in a new exhibition at the Lightbox in Woking – Lawrence Watson’s photographs are unmissable (see p57).

Elsewhere in the mag this month, we focus on the extraordinary success of the squash players at St George’s Hill Lawn Tennis and Squash Club in Weybridge (p12), as well as that of self-published novelist, Louise Voss, who has taken the Amazon bestseller charts by storm (p46).

If that weren’t enough, with the wedding season in full swing, we have the heads-up on a new dress designer (p52), and as we all know, wedding parties always feature some classic hits, so enjoy… just don’t pogo.

The Elmbridge and Kingston Magazines august 2011 issue
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