Artwork Specifications

Artwork requirement PDFs with details specifications:

Information for all Magazines

Accepted Formats

QuarkXpress (v8 or lower), Adobe PDF (v7 or lower ~ but please see notes below), TIFF, EPS, JPEG, Adobe Photoshop (CS5 or lower)

We do NOT accept the following formats:

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, images from the WEB

If you have any doubt about supplying artwork, please contact the production department on 020 8939 5602

How to supply your artwork to us

By email:,, or 

Important notes

Colour images must be in CMYK mode (please convert spot colours to CMYK equivalents)

Bitmap image resolution should be 300dpi at final size (higher resolution such as 400dpi is recommended where text is included in the bitmap)

Vector artwork should be retained in vector format where possible. However, please convert text to outlines to avoid font problems with vector graphics

Data format should be Binary where applicable (not ASCII)

PDF files

All PDFs must be created using Acrobat Distiller, not from the software used to create the artwork

Please embed/include all fonts when creating the PDF. Colour mode should be CMYK. Resolution should be 300dpi where bitmap images are included

For full page artwork please include printer’s marks (crop marks) and set 10mm bleed when creating PDF file, with paper size in print dialogue box set to W: 235.4mm and H: 322.4mm

For half page artwork or smaller please set paper size in print dialogue box to the same as the artwork dimensions (i.e. no white surround on PDF)

Please ensure all elements necessary to print are supplied (e.g. all linked images are supplied with Quark, Illustrator and Freehand files) 

Loose & Bound Insert Specifications

For all Publications (except the Windsor Magazine)

Insert Booking Procedure

All inserts must be pre-booked with your Sheengate publishing customer service representative. Once booking is confirmed, you will need to liaise with and send your inserts directly to our printers (details below)

Loose Inserts – Specification

Maximum size 475mm x 300mm, minimum size 148mm x 105mm.

For binding purposes, it is recommended that any loose inserts will be 15mm smaller on both the width and depth than the finished product.

No loose inserts can be undertaken for parallel (A5) work.

Minimum bulk of 2pp on 115gsm. Maximum bulk of 32pp on 60gsm.

Maximum number of loose inserts on each line is six per title.

The following constraints apply to the loose inserts:

  • The pagination of an individual loose insert should be no more than 32 pages.
  • The minimum thickness of a single sheet loose insert should be no less than 100gsm.
  • All loose inserts of 4 pages are fed into the publication spine first.
  • All loose inserts should be at least 15mm smaller on edges (head, foot and foredge) than the trim size of the magazine.

Bound Inserts – Specification

Maximum size 475 x 300mm, minimum size 148mm x 105mm.

Minimum guard 115mm/lap 10mm. 

The following constraints and additional allowances apply to the bound inserts:

  • An additional 3mm must be added at the spine edge for milling.
  • An additional allowance must be added to the foredge, head and tail as trimming allowance on bound-in inserts, which are maximum product size. The size of the allowance is dependant upon the particular publication requirements and should be obtained from the factory prior to the inserts being printed.
  • The required head or tail trim must be added depending on the way in which the publication is to be bound for inserts which are not maximum product size.
  • All live matter must be at least 6mm from any trimmed edges. Minimum single leaf thickness of any perfect bound insert should be no less than 130 gsm.
  • It should be noted that, it is not practical to place single leaf bound insert or 4pp section inside the front cover as section one, or inside back cover as final section. In situations where it is imperative that the single
  • leaf insert or 4pp section must bind adjacent to either IFC or IBC, an additional charge may be made as a result of reduced running speeds on our high- speed binding line.

Printer Contact & Delivery details:

Contact person:

Michelle Watkins – 01924 220 633 /

Insert delivery address:

Acorn Web Offset Limited

Loscoe Close, Normanton Industrial Estate,

Normanton, West Yorkshire



Delivery Note – Label Information

Inserts must arrive directly to our printers between the hours of 10.00am and 1.00pm Monday-Friday. Inserts will only be accepted within two weeks of publication date.

All inserts must be accompanied by a delivery note clearly stating the following information: 

•  Booking reference number (given at time of booking).

•  The name of the publication in which the insert is to be used.

•  The publication date and/or issue number.

•  The inserts name.

•  Any applicable insert code number.

•  The quantity being delivered.

•  The total number of boxes and/or pallets supplied.

•  The suppliers name and address. 

Quantity of inserts sent to the Printers will not be checked and will be taken at the value as stated on the delivery note.  


Online Advertisements

All supplied files should be either jpg, gif or animated gif at 72 dpi

Files should be no larger than 0.5MB (512KB)

All supplied adverts should be the exact dimensions of the online advert:

Leaderboard 970 x 90 pixels

Banner 970 x 90 pixels

MPU 300 x 250 pixels

It is possible for our design department to create your web advert if required