Fizzy Photobooth Christmas

Moët et Chandon have teamed up with Selfridges in London to produce a Christmas Champagne photobooth – personalise your bubbly!

There are times in life when only a bottle of bubbly will do the trick – and at Christmas it can do wonders to smooth ruffled festive feathers.

This year, in a world first, Moët et Chandon has installed a Champagne photobooth at Selfridges where you can create personalised labels for Mini Moët bottles (over 18s only).

All you need to do is jump in the booth, pose for the perfect snap, and it will then be affixed to your chosen Moët (£16.99 for Moët Impérial and £18.99 for Moët Rosé Impérial). Beautiful bubbles and a unique, thoughtful gift – what’s not to love?

You can find the booth at Selfridges London (and Birmingham and Manchester)

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